Top platforms to launch an IEO on. Platinum Q DAO research team bet on BTCNEXT.

  1. Binance Launchpad — a pioneer in IEO field. Most people don’t even know but it started operation in 2017 and became mainstream in 2019. It has been already used by projects like Bread, Gifto, Bittorent, Celer, Fetch.
  2. Huobi Prime — the second cryptocurrency exchange after Binance which managed to perform successful IEO with Top Network project. They completed their first selective token sale event in a matter of seconds, with token prices surging by 250% immediately afterward.
  3. OKEx Jumpsmart — another leading exchange by trade volume, that didn’t want to lose “the train of opportunities” and also joined the IEO trend. “The news was made public by OKEx CEO, Jay Hao through his Weibo account as a response to the many questions addressed to him asking about when OKEx will have a utility token platform like Binance and Huobi.”
  4. Probit Launchpad. Up to date, three active IEO’s are taking place on this platform. They are seeking to stand out from other small-scale exchanges proliferating the market with their IEO support. By the way, a few IEO cases have already been hosted by Probit, among them: Spin Protocol, CharS, Wegen, and others.
  5. Exmarkets has more than five active IEO’s.
  6. BTCNEXT, a fast-growing spot and margin trading platform designed for both fresh and professional traders, also offers IEO launchpad. They have just completed their first IEO for Opiria, a large company, working with BMW, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, and Intel, in just several hours and collected 106,250.00 USD. During the next round, BTCNEXT collected 126,000.00 USD for Opiria. Next IEOs to take place at BTCNEXT are IEOs of Q DAO family stablecoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering. These stablecoins are backed by Bitcoin (as well as another top 10 digital assets in the near future) and pegged to various national currencies, including USD (USDQ stablecoins) and KRW (KRWQ stablecoin).




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