What is the connection between NOAH, Q DAO stable coins, and BNX coin?

All these coins represent different projects and have their own use and benefits. All the above projects are economically independent but work as integrated parts of one global NOAH ecosystem. Let us explain the main advantages of all the coins and what they are used for.

NOAH, BNX and QDAO, a family of coins.

  • NOAH coin is the major coin of the whole ecosystem. After the token swap, it will be called NOAH.Platinum coin.
  • At the Q DAO Platform, users can generate various stablecoins, currently, USDQ and KRWQ are available. QDAO is a governance token for the Q DAO platform.
  • BNX is the BTCNEXT internal utility coin called BTCNEXT COIN. The main benefits of holding the BNX coin is reduced trading fees, access to BTCNEXT Academy for learning. The BNX coin will be used as collateral for all other coins issued within this new blockchain.

All the coins will be located in one blockchain. The success of one coin will increase the demand for others since all the projects are the parts of one economics and are created to help each other. The success of BNX will show the guidelines for NOAH.Platinum. The success of Q DAO tokens will create greater demand for BNX tokens. The success of the NOAH coin will make all other projects prosper.

First of all, NOAH coin is the oldest and the most important out of these three. It existed much earlier than the rest of the group. The other coins are part of the global NOAH ecosystem. The NOAH project is big and contains the whole ecosystem of projects which all serve the same high goal. At some point, the need for stable coins emerged. The USDQ, KRWQ, JPYQ and the governance token were developed in order to provide an easier transition from the fiat currencies to the cryptocurrencies especially for Asian and other parts of the world communities. In order to promote all the NOAH ecosystem projects and to provide better use of all coins of the NOAH ecosystem, it was decided by the NOAH management team together with the Platinum engineering team to create the next generation crypto exchange within the NOAH ecosystem. So, all the stable coins were initially listed on the BTCNEXT. Just recently the native exchange token BNX was successfully introduced to the global community.

How the Noah community will benefit from integrating new projects:

In a new NOAH blockchain, the delegators not only will vote for the validators but also will receive the proportional part of the benefits and the fees earned by their validators. All the fees and the benefits earned by the validators minus the validators commission will be distributed to the delegators who gave them their votes. Thus, the whole community will benefit from the total transaction volume and the chain value growth. The following stages will create a win-win situation for the whole community.

Easy code — Happy developers — Interesting projects — Involved community — Demanded Coins — Transaction Growth — Chain Value growth — Noah — a new standard for the internet of money.

  1. Easy code: The new Noah blockchain is developed not only for users but for everyone who wants to implement crypto to their daily activities and especially for developers. So, an easy code understanding and SDK documentation — are the main keys to success.
  2. Happy developers: Why do we value the developers? Because they are creating products that work. So, making a Noah blockchain can make every developer happy — they can easily launch their token and test their product on the main net. Another thing is that even during the testing period your token is still backed by core token. Noah.Platinum coin.
  3. Interesting projects: We are building the new Noah blockchain with large possibilities for business. What does it mean? Developers will be able to mint tokens backed by Noah. Platinum Core token and use it in any project — from gaming to retail. The first projects of this ecosystem are BNX and QDAO tokens. More will be implemented soon.
  4. Involved community: Involved community is one of the main parts. Noah community is great. It grows by the BTCNEXT community of traders, and by the community of QDAO holders and traders. More projects bring more use cases and increase involvement. Everyone is happier within a wider community.
  5. Demanded Coins: It’s easy to understand — if you have gaming coin or burger coin which has a great utility role — it would be in demand. There was a mistake to consider that everybody will demand Noah within only a few projects on the table. The limitations of the demand lead to only trading use of the coin, which is bad for the ecosystem itself. After launching the New Noah Blockchain we’ll be able to provide the supertitle functions for everyone, which will definitely raise the overall demand. And the real usage of the coin, of course, positively plays on the price — it’s more stable and uninfluenced by anyone. Because it has the power of community. Noah community.
  6. Transaction Growth is one of the most valuable signs that everything is going well. Even if the product is perfect but there are no actions inside the chain — the project can be counted as dead. We’ve realized that providing the wallet or limited services will not grow the number of transactions, so we’ve decided to set unlimited usage of the future coin and make a different gateway and compatibilities to other ecosystems like TON or Libra. For sure, it will enlarge the possibilities and usage of the coin.
  7. Chain Value growth is a result of a large number of transactions multiplied on the number of users. So take a look at Etherium example — the network was very popular especially when an ICO boom came. But through time we see that EOS or Cosmos has more utility possibilities than ETH network. So the price of Ethereum was downgraded. That is one more reason to use open source in development — you can predict the Chain Value growth depending on the technology used.
  8. Noah — a new standard for the internet of money. These are not just words or our wishes, it’s an analytical prediction, Of course, it will take time until all the elements of the chain will be realized.

NOAH.Platinum is the core technology allowing other projects to develop their tokenomics within the NOAH.Platinum blockchain. New projects increase the interest, the community the NOAH.Platinum token demand and fulfill the goal of making NOAH.Platinum the standard for the Internet of Money.




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